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Short-Term Stays In Hong Kong: What You Should Know Before Departing

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As a tourist, Hong Kong is always one of those destinations that are high up on the priority list. A combination of an exotic and extravagant lifestyle, immersed in an urban atmosphere that very few places on Earth could ever replicate does have a certain appeal to some people. So it is completely natural if you want to live for a few weeks in this wonderful place, just to enjoy the atmosphere as well as get to know the lifestyles of the locals. 

Staying for longer periods of time does have benefits when you come in as a tourist, but there are also certain things that you are better off knowing well before you depart in order to make your experience a lot better in several ways: 

Find a Place to Stay 

Those who want to stay for a few weeks might want to consider something other than a hotel. There are many rental apartments spread throughout the city that might interest you. You can inquire about some Pokfulam apartments rent by talking with a few real estate agencies to see how much they would cost you for the duration of your stay. Unfortunately, you need to be aware that rent in Hong Kong is quite expensive, so save up a lot of money before you think about departing, as that will make apartment hunting a lot easier to manage. 

Hire a Broker 

If you have trouble locating an apartment of your own, you can hire a broker to do it for you. This can be extremely helpful if you are currently busy, yet you do not want to delay your trip to Hong Kong because you couldn’t find an apartment in time. Brokers will generally take a commission for finding you Hong Kong island south apartments, with this sum being paid in part by yourself and in part by the landlord. 

Learn a Few Cantonese Words 

A good command of the English language is enough for most people to get around the place without issues, but for those who want to do something more, learning a few Cantonese words is recommended. Not only will that help you immensely in many situations, but you might also make a few friends along the way! 

Make Use of the Public Transportation System 

Unlike in many other parts of the world, public transportation in Hong Kong is of very high quality, so there is actually no reason to hire a taxi or similar service when the bus will do. Not only does this help you save money, but it also allows you to better experience the city as one of its residents, as opposed to a passing tourist who only gets to see certain sights and views. Check out more here

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